**My studio is now full for Fall 2019 . Please check back in early 2020 to see if there are openings.


Lessons are 30 - 60 minutes. Lessons with kids and young adults focus on meeting the student where they're at, and encouraging them to continue to develop their skills as a musician and pianist. For students new to instruments and reading music, we focus on understanding musical patterns, dexterity, and musicality. For more advanced or older beginner students we focus on all those things, plus we begin to incorporate musical taste and style preferences into lessons and the pieces we'll work on.  

Piano lessons for kids and young adults.

As a second generation piano instructor, and life long student, my lessons are focused on the fundamentals of piano playing while creating an open and engaging environment for beginning students to explore music. I use the Faber Piano Adventure Series as a guide for instruction, which is a “student-centered approach using analysis, creativity, and expression to develop a 'musical mind and heart'.”

Guitar lessons for beginners.

Guitar lessons help new-to-the guitar students become acquainted and comfortable with their instrument, and develop a strong foundation to expand their comfort level playing new music. Some knowledge of music fundamentals is preferred. We work on chord memorization, strumming patterns, fluidity of chord changes by learning songs together. And we work on developing dexterity and confidence with the instrument.

Songwriting for beginners.

Let's explore the creative process! These individualized lessons will focus on exploring creative methods for songwriting, creating finished songs, and review. Lessons can be 30 to 60 minutes.

Lessons start at $25 / 30 minutes.

My studio is located in the Old North End of Burlington.


"Emma is a really good piano teacher, because she is really nice and teaches fun stuff."

                    - Emery, 6


"I know Emma is having fun during Emery's [lesson]! She is patient and extremely knowledgable. We love Emma!"

                 - Bethany (Emery's Mom)